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Endoscopic Brow Lift

Gravity affects our natural eyebrow position and as the ageing process begins, wrinkles and lines form due to the constant mobility of our faces. Wrinkles and frown lines in this area can affect facial expression; however, heavy eyelids can create a ‘tired’ look and frown lines can make us look angry, or even upset.

Browplasty (otherwise known as a “forehead lift”, or “brow lift”) tightens the soft tissue of the forehead and brows, removing and smoothing out wrinkles.  Sometimes this procedure is combined with eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), which will remove baggy skin around the upper eyelids.

One of the added benefits of a brow lift is that scars can be hidden discreetly in the hair line, especially when an endoscope is used, which minimises the incisions that need to be made and therefore reduces scar tissue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an endoscopic brow lift procedure take?

The good news is that this procedure is relatively uncomplicated and straightforward, and will produce results which can be long lasting. Depending on whether the surgery includes more than one procedure, you should expect the process to take about an hour to an hour and a half. You will be under a general anaesthetic, and an overnight hospital stay may be required.

What are the risks associated with a brow lift?

Fortunately, there are few associated risks with brow lift surgery. The face has an excellent blood supply, so you should heal quickly! Possible risk factors will be explored in detail during your initial consultation with Mr Juma and Mr Hayek at New Image Clinic.

How much does brow lift surgery cost?

When seeking brow lift surgery, you should expect costs between £5500 to £6,500. This will depend upon the individual treatments appropriate for you.

What happens during the initial consultation at New Image Clinic?

A full medical history is recorded alongside a thorough physical examination. This is to ensure that this type of surgery is the right option for you. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions about the procedure and to explore any concerns that you may have. This will enable you to make a properly informed decision about whether you want to proceed.

What is the recovery process?

With brow lift surgery, recovery will take between two and three weeks, although swelling may take a little longer to subside. You should avoid bending or strenuous activity for a week to ten days following your surgery. It is a good idea to rest for a week afterwards to aid the healing process.

Why choose the New Image Clinic?

Mr Ali Juma and Mr Jamil Hayek are competent and experienced surgeons. Their combined expertise means that you can be doubly sure of an outcome that achieves your desired effect.

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“A heartfelt thank you for the incredible work you and your team have done. You reassured me every step of the way, which has spurred me on my recovery in leaps and bounds. I have every faith in you and your team.”

E. R.

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J. M.

“It has been 2 years since my tummy tuck and I just wanted to thank you for how amazing I feel! I will wear a bikini with confidence now!”


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L. G.

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