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Breast Asymmetry Correction

In the majority of women it is normal for breasts to be slightly different in size. Asymmetry is not uncommon in other body parts. Most of us have one foot slightly bigger than the other, for example. Asymmetry is defined by a difference in the shape, position, or volume of the breast and is a condition that affects large percentage of women.

Asymmetry only becomes an issue when the difference is significant. If you have a breast that is more than one cup size larger than the other, this may seriously restrict your choice of clothing or swimwear, and can have a negative impact on your self esteem and body image.

An increase in breast volume during ovulation is a consequence of increased blood flow and water retention; any asymmetry may be less noticeable then. Later in your cycle, during menstruation, you may notice that your breasts shrink again and the asymmetry becomes more noticeable. Hormones account for these changes, but if you have noticed any other recent changes in the asymmetry of your breasts then we would advise that you consult a General Practitioner to exclude any more sinister problems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does breast surgery for asymmetry correction take?

You will be in hospital for one night. The operation is conducted under a general anaesthetic, and could take approximately two to three hours.

Asymmetry can be addressed in a number of different ways. Breast uplift, enlargement, or reduction, and fat transfer are all possible procedures that could be applied depending on your individual needs. Combination of these procedures may be utilised to achieve excellent results.

  • Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) will reduce the larger breast. Surgery may involve reducing the areola (the dark tissue around your nipple) and removing excess fat and glandular tissue to give your breast a more pert appearance. The nipple may also be repositioned.
  • Breast enlargement (augmentation) may be employed to increase the volume of the smaller breast and will require the use of breast implants and/or fat transfer, which will be discussed during your consultation.
  • Breast uplift (mastopexy) involves working with the tissue you already have, reshaping your breast and nipples to achieve the desired outcome.

What are the risks associated with breast asymmetry correction?

All surgery carries with it inherent risks. These will be discussed with you during the initial consultation with Mr Juma and Mr Hayek, and you can make an informed choice about whether this is the right procedure for you. The risks are greatly minimised when you choose to proceed with such competent and experienced surgeons as those at New Image Clinic.

How much does breast asymmetry correction cost?

The cost depends upon the procedure or combination of procedures undertaken, but will usually be upwards of £5500.

What happens during the initial consultation with Mr Juma and Mr Hayek?

The best solution for you will be based on your particular asymmetry. This varies between individuals, and your consultation with our surgeons will focus on your desired outcome, medical history and an assessment of your general health following a physical examination. You need to come prepared to ask questions, for example; do you prefer the size and shape of the larger or smaller breast? This will affect the procedure, or combination of procedures that Mr Juma and Mr Hayek will perform. The aim of surgery is to improve the symmetry of your breasts, and your expectations will be discussed.

What is the recovery process for this procedure?

All major surgery takes its toll on the body. There will be some initial and minor discomfort following surgery, but this can be managed effectively with regular pain killers. You will need to wear a support bra, without any under wiring for the first six weeks and you will need to book two weeks off work. Physical exercise is not recommended for six weeks following surgery, but this can be assessed at your follow up appointment with Mr Juma and Mr Hayek.

Why choose the New Image Clinic?

You will benefit from the expertise of two highly qualified and very experienced surgeons. Between them, Mr Juma and Mr Hayek can ensure the very best outcome for your individual needs.

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