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Facial Surgery

Our New Image Clinic surgeons have extensive experience and knowledge in performing many types of facial surgery, from Facelifts to Nose Reshaping and Ear surgery, and much more.

Facial Surgery Treatments

Ear Surgery in London

Ear surgery is a relatively common procedure and is known medically as ‘otoplasty’ or ‘pinnaplasty’

Browplasty (otherwise known as a “forehead lift”, brow lift) tightens the soft tissue of the forehead and brows

Known medically as ‘blepharoplasty’, this procedure can be performed on both upper and lower eyelids.

When it comes to the “facelift” procedure, modern surgical techniques now mean that our surgeons can create the most natural appearance possible

Fat transfer removes fatty deposits from donor sites on the body

As we age, gravity takes its toll on our faces; our skin loses elasticity and begins to slacken and sag

Nose reshaping involves reducing (or increasing) the bone and cartilage over which the skin is draped.

“A heartfelt thank you for the incredible work you and your team have done. You reassured me every step of the way, which has spurred me on my recovery in leaps and bounds. I have every faith in you and your team.”

E. R.

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything, I could not be happier with the end result.”

J. M.

“It has been 2 years since my tummy tuck and I just wanted to thank you for how amazing I feel! I will wear a bikini with confidence now!”


“I was delighted with the results, not only have I got a body that is more in proportion but I have a new found confidence. Clothes fit me better. You can’t even notice my scars.”

L. G.

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