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The Best Breast Augmentation in London

A breast augmentation – otherwise known as a “breast enlargement” or a “boob job” – still remains the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure for women. There were an estimated 35,000 breast augmentation surgeries performed last year in the UK, with numbers rising year on year.

Making the decision to opt for a breast augmentation procedure must be considered carefully. Breast enlargement can change the way you look and have a positive effect on your self esteem. Nonetheless, it’s advisable for you to carefully consider all aspects of the surgery.

Choosing your Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in London

Finding a surgeon who has the experience, knowledge, with a friendly and patient-orientated approach that makes you feel comfortable and at ease can be difficult to come by, and choosing the right clinic and surgeons for your breast enlargement procedure is the most important decision you’ll make.

In addition to the benefits of breast enlargement, there are also potential risks associated with breast augmentation surgery. These risks can be minimised if you opt for a surgeon with years of quality experience in plastic surgery. Choosing an inexperienced surgeon, in addition to a limited budget price in preference to quality and skilled work, could deliver unsatisfying and potentially very dangerous results for the patient. With a breast enlargement being such an important change to your body, you need to make sure you’re in the hands of capable surgeons – just like Mr Ali Juma & Mr Jamil Hayek at New Image Clinic, London.

Breast Augmentation at New Image Clinic

By choosing New Image Clinic, you’ll have the experience, wisdom and knowledge of not only one highly experienced Consultant Plastic Surgeon, but two. Both Mr Juma and Mr Hayek have vast knowledge and distinctly high and proven standards of care for all of their patients.

Breast augmentation is typically available in mainly two options, depending on the patient’s desires – although the second and least common option is not often discussed or covered in mainstream media. However, at New Image Clinic, all the options available will be discussed in order that you can make a well informed decision.

The first type of breast enlargement makes use of implants. These implants are used to change size of the breasts, and they will also influence the shape of the breasts over time. The implants are typically made of silicone gel or less commonly filled with saline. In a dual-consultation, the type and size of implant will be discussed. In addition and on your second pre-surgery visit you will be able to size for your breasts implants. At New Image Clinic your participation in making the decision regarding the choice of the type and size of your breasts implants is of profound importance. Hence, Mr Juma and Mr Hayek will advise and support you to make the most appropriate decision.

A second, less common option for breast augmentation, involves the transfer of fat from one part of the body to the breast – also known as ‘lipomodelling’. Although less common, it is a more natural method to enlarge your breasts; however, it is usually staged, and in the majority 2 stages are warranted 4-6 months apart. Fat transfer is often sought by patients who are not comfortable with the idea of silicone implants, despite the success rates and low risk associated with the latter procedure.

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New Image Clinic is at the forefront of plastic surgery in London, and has launched as the only clinic in the UK to offer such qualified dual expertise from consultation and procedure, to aftercare for every patient. By combining their expertise Mr Ali Juma and Mr Jamil Hayek -will facilitate you receiving a seamless, friendly and expert service like no other. Get in touch with us today to book your consultation.

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“A heartfelt thank you for the incredible work you and your team have done. You reassured me every step of the way, which has spurred me on my recovery in leaps and bounds. I have every faith in you and your team.”

E. R.

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything, I could not be happier with the end result.”

J. M.

“It has been 2 years since my tummy tuck and I just wanted to thank you for how amazing I feel! I will wear a bikini with confidence now!”


“I was delighted with the results, not only have I got a body that is more in proportion but I have a new found confidence. Clothes fit me better. You can’t even notice my scars.”

L. G.

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