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The Golden Ratio of Aesthetics

The ‘golden ratio’ can be found in all aspects of life, from artwork to literature, to architecture and nature. The ratio is determined mathematically as the ratio of 1.618; using the female lip as an example, the ideal and appealing lip would have the lower lip 1.618 times larger than the upper lip – this also applies to other anatomical parts of the human body.

Why is the Golden Ratio important?

The golden ratio is considered the key formula to unlocking and creating aesthetically pleasing art in all of its forms. Many lines of famous artists have used what is close to the golden ratio to paint faces in arts, such as the Mona Lisa. Plastic surgeons for centuries have realised that the golden ratio of beauty is the way to achieving aesthetically pleasing results in all aspects of their work, whether be it reconstructive , cosmetic surgical or non-surgical work.

How does the Golden Ratio apply to aesthetics?

A human judges others by comparison, and without consciously knowing uses the golden ration as that standard to analyse and judge beauty and its perfection. Experienced plastic surgeons will always have the golden ratio in mind when devising treatment and procedure plans to enhance a patient’s appearance in different parts of the human anatomy, be it face, breasts or body.

If you’re looking to undergo asethic surgical or non-surgical treatments to achieve a look that brings you to near the golden ratio, then discussing this with our surgeons – Mr Jamil Hayek and Mr Ali Juma – could be a good starting point. Visit the New Image Clinic website today for more information about just what we can offer you in terms of surgical and non-surgical solutions. If you’d like to book a consultation with both of our experienced surgeons, who will offer you dual expertise and advice, then simply call 020 7971 7991, or book via this form.

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