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Are Fat Transfer Procedures Safe?

The idea of a fat transfer procedure is enticing for patients who want to increase the size of or influence their breast shape, buttocks, and face.

In this blog, New Image Clinic will look in depth at the type of fat transfer procedures that are available, and the potential associated risks involved for patients. Ultimately, though, we want to reassure you that a fat transfer procedure is safe, but only in the hands of very capable and experienced surgeons.

Type of Fat Transfer procedures

There are a number of ways that surgeons can manipulate the use of fat for other parts of the body. Typically, fat transfer procedures are called ‘fat grafting’ or ‘lipomodelling’. Usually, this will involve the extraction of fat from the hips, thighs or stomach, which can then be placed into the face, buttocks, breasts, and also for scars.

With all surgical procedures there are associated risks, although these are minimised if you choose surgeons with a wealth of experience, knowledge and capability. Do ask your surgeon about their experience.

The transferred fat is likely to show up to 40% resorption when transferred into the breasts and buttocks, warranting further treatment. In the face, fat transfer retention is up to 90%. Hence, in some patients, fat transfer may not be the first choice and they may chose implants instead for their breast augmentation. It is always important that you discuss your expectations from surgery in detail during your consultation, so that your surgeons can advise you of the best possible treatment to keep in line with your desires and requirements.

The associated risks with fat transfer

As with any operation, a fat transfer can be associated with risks, which can be managed carefully to avoid their occurrence. These risks include: blood clots, blockages in blood vessels, infections, or bleeding. Again, when using experienced and well qualified surgeons, these risks are hugely reduced.

Fat Transfer at New Image Clinic

Mr Ali Juma and Mr Jamil Hayek are both highly respected and experienced UK Plastic Surgeons, and are also both the Founders of the wonderful new dual concept has been formed New Image Clinic. At New Image Clinic, Mr Juma and Mr Hayek will spend every step of the patient journey working together with you, so that you can benefit from both of their expertise and knowledge from the consultation, to procedure, and right through to aftercare. Get in touch today to book your consultation.

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