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Top Reasons for Asymmetrical Breasts

Why Do I Have Uneven Breasts? – The Top Reasons For Asymmetrical Breasts

Seeking Surgery For Uneven Breasts?

If you’re worried about uneven breasts, it might be reassuring to know that a lot of people have them and they are very common. Hence, unless your breasts have become this way in a quick space of time, there is nothing to worry about from a medical point of view. This said, it is not usually for medical reasons that we have women come to New Image Clinic seeking surgery to correct their asymmetrical breasts.

Seeking surgery to correct Breast Asymmetry

The main reasons that patients seek breast asymmetry correction surgery is for aesthetic and confidence reasons. If you are constantly insecure about the shape and unevenness of your breasts, this will significantly affect your day-to-day mood and overall wellbeing, in some cases instigating harmful psychological effects if the issue is left unaddressed. If this is the case for yourself, booking a consultation with a highly experienced cosmetic surgeon, such as those at New Image Clinic, could be a great solution to fix your insecurities.

Now that we’ve outlined some facts about breast asymmetry, you might want to know what can cause these uneven breasts in the first place:

Puberty and Hormonal Changes

During puberty, we experience many hormone changes, and in some cases this can cause one breast to grow bigger or in a different way to the other. This is nothing to worry about medically, but can definitely cause some confidence concerns.

Natural Anatomic Causes

This is the most likely reason for your uneven breasts. Most of our body parts are not symmetrical if you look closely, and medically this is definitely not a cause for concern. We often have one foot, one hand, one leg, one arm and one ear slightly bigger than the other, and all of this just comes naturally due to growth variations.

Treating Asymmetrical Breasts

At the New Image Clinic in London, our highly experienced surgeons – Mr Jamil Hayek and Mr Ali Juma – have performed many breast procedures to correct asymmetry, both together and individually. When you come for your initial consultation, you will meet both surgeons, who will provide a full assessment and determine if breast asymmetry correction surgery is right for your individual circumstances. During the consultation, you will build a rapport with both Mr Juma and Mr Hayek, and will leave feeling comfortable and relaxed about your upcoming procedure.

If you would like more information on how our wonderful surgeons, Mr Ali Juma and Mr Jamil Hayek, can help to correct your breast asymmetry, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch and book a consultation today at the New Image Clinic in London.

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